Andy Lay

Andy Lay

City Rice Group President & CEO

City Rice Import Export Co., Ltd. has been established, as an exporting entity since 2012 to carry on the family rice mill business “Lay Se Rice Mill” with the vision of my parents to provide the high quality rice to consumers globally.

Customer is our priority. We take each and every client to our hearts and we work as closely as possible with all of our customers with quality and price. We sometimes challenge them to consider beyond their current needs and looking for ways to improve their cost effectiveness in order to grow together in the long run.

We strongly believe that the quality of rice depends on four main factors:

  1. Quality of raw Material (Paddy): Which over 28 years of experiences, we make no mistake in selecting the best quality paddies.
  2. Design of the factory: International standard design of our reprocessing enable us to polish the rice up to five times and sort the rice up to three times when needed.
  3. The passion and the commitment of the company to do what it takes to maintain the highest quality of rice possible.
  4. Human resource: We have a full team of talented and knowledgeable employees from paddy, technical persons, and quality control some of whom have been working with us since the early starting of the company.

Our sales and customer service personal will delivery knowledge as we as services. We hope and look forward to answering, to understand, and most of all to gaining your support, trusts and partnership.

Warmest Regards,

Andy Lay,
City Rice Group President & CEO