About Us

About City Rice Group

City Rice is one of the biggest manufacturers of Cambodian rice with its manufacturing based in Battambang City, Cambodia. We have been milling since 1990, making us one of the longest standing millers in Cambodia. City Rice started up as a family business which supplied initially to the domestic market. We now export to international markets such as France and French territories, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Malaysia, China and Thailand. With a well-established and longstanding relationship with the majority of farmers in Cambodia, we are able to supply a larger quantity of rice with consistently good quality to meet current world demand. We have full control of our product ranging from collecting wet paddies to packaged extra well-milled rice. We guarantee the quality of our product and offer money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it.

Mission Statement

City Rice aims to be the biggest provider of the best quality Cambodian rice to the global market. We are getting there by providing all our customers and business partners with high integrity, trusts, transparency and long-term sustainable growth. Don’t just buy from us today, be our long-term partners where we have fun and grow together, hand in hand.

Our Pride

“Best Quality Rice is our Pride, Passions and Tradition” City Rice, your trusted partner in providing the best quality rice at the most competitive prices. We will not pack the rice for you if it’s not the best quality that you require. We value trust, honesty, integrity and relationship.

Cambodia Best Rice Award 2014 - 2022

City Rice Group is proud of its staff who have selected the best paddy and therefore producing the best final product for its consumers. City Rice Group has been awarded the National Best Fragrant Rice Award 2014 – 2022 & National Best Jasmine Rice Award 2017 in Cambodia among more than 25 selected participants in Cambodia. Our final product goes through very thorough and systematic inspection by our Quality Control staff in accordance with GMP and HACCP System.